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About IndabaX Benin Republic

Deep Learning Indaba is an annual meeting which invites members of the African machine learning and artificial Intelligence community for a week-long event of teaching, research, exchange and debate around state of art in machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

Deep Learning IndabaX, which the African Deep Learning Indaba supports, is a locally-organised Indaba (which means gathering originating from the Bantu people of Southern Africa) with the mission to strengthen Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Africa. The IndabaX Benin Republic shares the vision and mission of the main body by doing its part to enhance knowledge and build capacity in machine learning and artificial intelligence in Benin Republic.

The IndabaX Benin Republic conference 2023 is a 2-day program organized by IndabaX Benin Republic. The 2023 conference which is a hybrid of physical and virtual attendance has an anticipated audience of about 150 participants, comprising professionals from the academia and the industry, undergraduate and postgraduate students, and AI enthusiasts. The Benin Republic IndabaX 2023 will expose attendees of the conference to state-of-the-art machine learning methods and hands on coding of data analysis, visualization, modelling, and model deployment experience. 

The Benin Republic IndabaX conference is scheduled to hold from the 20th to 21st October, 2023. The Physical venue of the conference will be at the University of Abomey Calavi.

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